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I started What’s Marialane Reading as a resource on IOCI’s website for a few reasons.  First, I read a lot. My clients and colleagues know this and often ask me for resources on a variety of topics.  Second, I am curious and love learning about a wide range of topics.  Third, I like sharing what I’ve learned with others to get their thoughts and insights as a way of learning more and in different ways.

An important focus of this page is to foster rich community engagement.  I enjoy open dialogue and sharing ideas in constructive ways.  I’m hoping my book reviews will result in rich and healthy engagement. My hope is that folks will take the time to share their thoughtful and productive perspectives on what I’ve posted here in service of learning and growing together.

Importantly, we want our community to feel this is a safe space for a robust exchange of ideas that are offered with civility and kindness.  With this goal in mind, we moderate the comments submitted to ensure they align with our engagement standards.  This could take up to 24 hours. Once cleared, your post will be visible to the rest of community.

My team will remove comments that:

  • Are personal attacks – Professionally delivered debate, disagreement, and constructive criticism are welcome. Personal attacks against other commentors are not.
  • Would offend our community – use of profanity, comments that are abusive, sexist, homophobic, racist, or promote hate.
  • Are not relevant to the discussion – Comments are for discussing what is posted on the What’s Marialane Reading page. If you share something is way off topic, we may take it down to keep the conversation relevant and focused.
  • Are posted by bots or spam – repeated posts or posts that promote other sites, products or topics that are not relevant to what is covered here.
  • Are soliciting – selling or soliciting of any kind.

Bottom line—Your comments will be welcome if you keep them clean, civil, and relevant.

Thanks for joining the discussion and for your interest in this resource.