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Client Q+A: Becoming a better ‘me’
October 20, 2017

Interview conducted with a special agent for a federal agency

What drew you to IOCI/Marialane and what work were you engaged in?

I had worked with several other coaches prior to working with Marialane and thought it would be similar – focus on one politically correct issue. For example, I tend to procrastinate, so other coaches would give me books to read and tips on how to identify and stop procrastinating.

The things she taught me didn’t make difficult people or situations better or go away. Instead, she gave me the tools and muscle memory to make me better in those environments.

Marialane instantly connected with me and made me feel so comfortable that I chose to be vulnerable.

Describe what it is like working with Marialane?

Marialane brings a thoughtful and strategic process, coupled with confidence and humility, that provided me with the courage and desire to grow. She really listened to me and picked up on patterns where I needed support. Before my sessions with her, I was unable to identify growth or stumbling areas in my professional and personal life. I was “fine” but overwhelmed and under motivated.

Marialane would pose thoughtful questions, provide options and kindly redirect me to find my way to toward my desired outcome. She helped me see situations differently. Instead of hurdles that I could never overcome, she helped me see self-sabotaging detours. More importantly,  I was able to identify why I needed growth in certain areas and found that some of the areas I felt were weakness could be valuable strengths.

“I was able to identify why I needed growth in certain areas and found that some of the areas I felt were weakness could be valuable strengths.”

How would you describe the value that resulted from your work with her and how it benefited you and your organization?

I was doing one job when I started working with Marialane and then I got a different job. In the course of working with her, I realized it wasn’t about the job, it was about the skills I could develop to take to any job. When I came into a new job that required a lot of processes, she was able to take me from a narrow way of looking at things and modify them to fit any job. She also helped me see what I was best at, rather than focusing on my weaknesses.

How would you describe IOCI/Marialane in one word?


This is a unique IOCI client Q+A series offered to help you see first-hand how our experience and expertise helps fuel Spirited Business®.

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