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How We Work

First, we listen.

IOCI is passionate about understanding the challenges clients are confronting, so our initial step is to always listen deeply to fully understand the dynamics and the scope of the challenges you or your organization is facing.

Then the possibilities begin to emerge. Challenges can be transformed into opportunities. Strategies can be formulated. Desired outcomes can be pursued.

Because only after the IOCI team listens, assesses needs and understands your trajectory can we collaborate to craft solutions.

Here’s what our co-creation process looks like:


Putting your needs into focus. We listen carefully to your business challenges, discover your desired outcomes, understand your culture and how your organization works.

AssessAnalyze & Define

Define the target. We compile the information we learned while listening for what might be getting in the way of optimizing your business success. We narrow down your desired target state by reframing what we observe with possible ideas and solution paths.

PartnerStrengthen & Guide

Establish the right solution path. We become your thinking partner to walk through the various solution strategies and ask difficult questions about capabilities, resources and lead time to deployment, always anticipating threats to achieving results and building resilience into the plan.

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LaunchDeliver & Measure

Take action. This is where we stand by you, supporting execution, helping you to establish measuring and monitoring routines that ensure results delivery.

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SustainOngoing Optimization

There’s simply no such thing as one and done. IOCI concludes its partnerships by summarizing the progress made with ongoing consulting and coaching to ensure a long term strategy is in place. By now, you understand the methods that will guide your success, but we don’t step aside until we’re sure the road map is precise, readable and ongoing.

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