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"I now have a lifetime of skills and insights to support me and my goals."

Chief Marketing OfficerGlobal Nonprofit

What Our Clients Are Saying

Motivation for growth and advancement

I needed support to identify
opportunities for growth.

“Marialane brings a thoughtful and strategic process, coupled with confidence and humility, that provided me with the courage and desire to grow. She really listened to me and picked up on patterns where I needed support. Before my sessions with her, I was unable to identify growth or stumbling areas in my professional and personal lives. I was overwhelmed and under-motivated.”


Special Agent U.S. Federal Agency
My executive coach and mentor

Intelligent, kind, experienced and capable.

“I had the immense privilege of working with Marialane, where she served as my executive coach and mentor. Marialane offered a powerful yet subtle strength where she instilled in me a sense of courage and confidence. She enabled me to discern my vision for the future, and then encouraged me to take appropriate steps in that direction. Additionally, Marialane is intelligent, kind, experienced and capable. I give her my highest recommendation as a coach and mentor.”

C-Level ExecutivePrivate Sector, Mergers and Acquisitions
Her wisdom and use of powerful questions guided me

She was a tremendous asset to me as a coach.

“Marialane coached me as part of my degree program at Georgetown University.  Through our four sessions, she was able to help me to synthesize my learning experience into an action plan for my future.  Her wisdom and use of powerful questions guided me to discover the next steps in my journey as a principled leader.  Marialane really helped me to see the value and strength that lies within me, and she encouraged me to explore options that I would not have considered without our sessions.  She was a tremendous asset to me as a coach, and I will remain in contact with her as a result of my coaching experience.”

C-Level Executive Federal Government, Financial Industry
Helped me apply concepts for resilient leadership

I was fortunate to have Marialane.

“As part of the FDA, I was assigned to take a resilient leadership course, and part of that nine-month course involved being assigned a coach. I was fortunate to have Marialane assigned to me.”

“The thought of having a mentor or coach when your unfamiliar with the process can be tedious, but it turned out to be fantastic. From the start, she really helped apply the concepts we were learning in the resilient leadership training and apply them to my day-to-day experience. She’s free about offering advice and sharing her own experience and proving advice relative to what I was experiencing. I have a lot of respect for her.”

Mid-level leaderFederal law enforcement
Focused on the person and the journey

Helped me connect and grow.

“Marialane has an impressive business background and she helped to connect me to other women. She’s very well-connected and focused on the person and the journey and what that person can do to reach that condition of fulfillment.”

Compliance directorFinance
Transformative, professionally and personally

I now have a lifetime of skills and insights to support me and my goals.

“In a year of executive coaching by Marialane, I walked away with a lifetime of skills and insights that will forever support me in my goals to collaborate, communicate and lead with confidence and humility. Her coaching process is clear, objective and actionable. I better understand my role as a leader and how to do my best to ensure my contributions empower others. Marialane’s coaching was transformative for me both professionally and personally.”

Nonprofit Marketing Director, Young ExecutiveNonprofit
A guide who explores along with you

She helps you explore what’s driving a situation.

“In addition to being an excellent teacher and helping  you explore what’s driving a situation, Marialane is an excellent student and explores things along with you. It’s an ongoing journey with a really good guide.”

Law firm co-founderPrivate Sector
Thought-provoking and impactful

She helped me take leadership to the next level.

“Her coaching presence is thought-provoking and impactful. It definitely takes leaders to the next level. It’s multi-dimensional. She meets you where you are and she has a knack for connecting with different people at different levels all at once.”

Compliance directorFinance
Cares about me as a professional and as an individual

Adapted her experience to my day to day.

“Marialane understands leadership concepts across industries and really adapted her experience to be applicable to my day to day. She was very genuine and seemed to care about me as a professional and as an individual.”

Mid-level leaderFederal Government
Tough and firm, with a big heart!

I walked away saying that I was transformed.

“Marialane is tough and firm, but she has a big heart. I walked away saying that I was transformed. She’s incredibly engaged. She connects. She’s relatable. She’s definitely an inspirational leader and she compels her clients to act, not just talk about it but do something.”

Compliance directorFinance
Knew how to create the change we needed, when we needed it

Her ideas and expertise made all the difference!

“Marialane has great experience and she really came in at the right time. We needed to start streamlining things and corporate-izing our company. She knows how to do that – compliance-wise and with the ideas in her brain.”

Co-FounderPrivate Sector
Fan for life!

She’s strategic, results-oriented and human.

“Marialane possesses an incredible, rare blend of professional brilliance and personal inspiration. She’s strategic, results-oriented and human. She has helped me, my teams and individual team members establish systems and set and reach objectives so we can achieve the results our board seeks. I’m a fan for life.”

Nonprofit CEO

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