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"I now have a lifetime of skills and insights to support me and my goals."

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You Have a Partner in Us

If your goal is to cultivate empowering environments capable of generating and sustaining remarkable results, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re a public, private or nonprofit organization, IOCI offers a unique combination of comprehensive business experience and human-centered consultancy that drives business results and inspires individuals and organizations to fulfill their potential.

We Influence Performance and Impact

Bottom line –we’re in the people performance and impact business. Numerous start-ups, mature businesses and mission-driven organizations worldwide count on IOCI for leadership development, professional learning and business consulting.

IOCI isn’t just a coach for businesses and executives. We’re all about positioning. We help you position your organization and people for greatest impact through executive development, professional learning and business consulting that’s strategic, thoughtful and generous of spirit.

You came to our website looking for something – perhaps advice, a thinking partner or someone to crawl into the trenches with you to help solve the challenges you face. But when it comes to organizational performance and business advice, you deserve more than a canned answer underlined in a self-help book.

You need a critical listener. Someone who has been in your shoes. Someone to walk beside you on your development path sound boarding your ideas, challenges and concerns. A coach who sees your potential and who can pull forward capabilities you don’t know you possess. A partner who won’t quit supporting your skill building until it is embedded in your muscle memory to call upon when needed. A cheerleader who knows when you’ve just given your best performance.

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