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"I now have a lifetime of skills and insights to support me and my goals."

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Creating Innovative Outcomes for 14 Years

Our history is based upon the commitment to support individuals and organizations who aspire to the highest levels of human impact and performance in a disruptive and rapidly changing world.

2004Company Founded

Provided executive coaching to federal clients on a part-time basis under another LLC.  Marialane was serving as a corporate executive at the time and her firm graciously allowed her to perform this work on her own time.  She mainly provided support to her former federal employer to help them grow and develop their leaders.

2008IOCI, Incorporated

Realizing this was the work that we love, we re-incorporated as Innovative Outcomes Consulting Inc., combining the two companies under the IOCI brand and expanded our services to include consulting and coaching.

2010IOCI Expansion & Growth

In 2010,  Marialane left Fannie Mae (on her birthday at age 50) after 25 years of serving as a business leader in both the public and private sectors, and began running IOCI full-time and offering a range of services versus operating as a part-time coaching firm.

2017Spirited Business®

With feedback from our customers and to recognize our expansion into other offerings, we re-imagined our brand to extend the company’s impact by providing online resources and business/leadership insights through our blog and learning management platform. This, coupled with our in-person client support, enabled us to provide services at a time and price that aligns with our customer needs.

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