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Client Q+A: Finding Resilience
September 1, 2017

Interview conducted with a mid-level leader in federal law enforcement

What drew you to IOCI/Marialane and what work were you engaged in?

As part of the FDA, I was assigned to take a resilient leadership course, and part of that nine-month course involved being assigned a coach. I was fortunate to have Marialane assigned to me.

Describe what it is like working with Marialane?

I have a lot of respect for her. The thought of having a mentor or coach when your unfamiliar with the process can be tedious, but it turned out to be fantastic. From the start, she really helped apply the concepts we were learning in the resilient leadership training and apply them to my day-to-day experience. She’s free about offering advice and sharing her own experience and proving advice relative to what I was experiencing.

How would you describe the value that resulted from your work with her and how it benefited you and your organization?

I’m part of a district office that staffs about 100 field investigators and there’s a certain amount of anxiety that comes with the work. I credit Marialane for helping alleviate that anxiety in our organization, not only my group but it spread to other groups, too. I developed a bond and friendship with her that I can apply to any situation – my current employment and into the future.

Describe for me what IOCI/Marialane embody in their work?  

I was only fortunate enough to work with Marialane. She was truly a professional. She understands leadership concepts across industries and really adapted her experience to be applicable to my day to day. She was very genuine and seemed to care about me as a professional and as an individual. She cared. She engaged.

How would you describe Marialane/IOCI in one word?


What is one of your most fondest memories you have in working with Marialane and why does this story stick with you today?

What drew us close together was our first meeting in a group setting and we were talking about books we were reading and we drew on a friendship connected through reading. So we were always referencing different books and articles we were reading. She draws from a wide range of experience and really cares about her work. She had a true interest in helping me along and developing a relationship.

What does Spirited Business® mean to you?

She’s very generous with her time. Investing in so many people from around the world would be exhausting but she does it with grace.

This is a unique IOCI client Q+A series offered to help you see first-hand how our experience and expertise helps fuel Spirited Business®.

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