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Client Q+A: With patience, wisdom and insight
September 18, 2017

Interview conducted with law firm co-founder

What drew you to IOCI/Marialane and what work were you engaged in?

She was referred to me and she met every expectation. In terms of what we worked on both on leadership and co-leadership. Dealing with particularly difficult people and how to handle those extraordinarily difficult situations. We had staffing and leadership issues.

Describe what it is like working with Marialane?

In addition to being an excellent teacher and helping you explore what’s driving a situation, she’s an excellent student and explores things along with you. It’s an ongoing journey with a really good guide. And you’re constantly becoming a better leader and improving your ability to help others reach their potential.

How would you describe the value that resulted from your work with her and how it benefited you and your organization?

You want to say it really improved efficiency, but it doesn’t. It eliminates the distractions that impeded efficiency. It improves the general health of the office.

Describe for me what IOCI/Marialane embody in their work?  

Patience, wisdom insight, these are the three values I associate with Marialane.

Describe Marialane in one word:


What does Spirited Business® mean to you?

There is a candor to the relationship that’s incredible, but she has a way of delivering the news that’s totally acceptable.

This is a unique IOCI client Q+A series offered to help you see first-hand how our experience and expertise helps fuel Spirited Business®.

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