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Introducing the new IOCI-Consulting.com

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the new IOCI-Consulting.com, the new iteration of our website launching today. In fact, we’re beyond thrilled, if there’s such a thing, because we’re actually launching much more than a website – we’re giving you a first glimpse into our reinvigorated branding.

When you visit the site, you’ll find a look and content that better reflects what IOCI is, what we do and the abundance of passion behind our work. More than a new logo, we’re showcasing all of the brand attributes that authentically share what IOCI is all about. And we’ve paid attention to that all-important UX (user experience, a term we’ve learned so much about during this process).

Here are just some of the changes we think you’ll appreciate … First, we’ve provided a fleshed out look at what exactly IOCI does, how it benefits those we partner with and how our process works. In other words, we want to help you better understand what you’re in for and how it will transform your professional practice.

We’ve also added information about how we work, what drives us and how that drive impacts people and organizations. Why? Because after decades in the business, we’re still convinced we’ve got the know-how and the secret sauce to help you become the best you, and we want you to understand our thinking.

Please also check out our new blog where we’ll share timely insights, news our clients can use and observations from the world of coaching. It will be your one stop for use-it-today information on coaching practices, effective leadership and what it means to be a “Spirited Business®.” Plus, look here for some serious inspiration when you need it!

You’ll also find comments and stories from past clients that describe how working with IOCI has impacted real people, real firms, real colleagues. It’s our way of making our work tangible for those exploring how we can partner to build new capabilities that translate into professional and business success.

Finally, you’ll get a glimpse into our soul – our vision, our driving purpose, our beliefs. We are confident that revealing what drives us provides the best yardstick for determining if the kind of consulting we offer is a match for seekers who have arrived at our website. Because sometimes the best partnerships are created because what we’re saying and sharing resonates and prompts you to want to connect.

Please take a few minutes to check out our new website, IOCI-Consulting.com.

Let us know what you think. Spread the word. We’d appreciate it!

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