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Most new supervisors struggle at how to be effective. Many fail.
September 14, 2017

Are You Ready to Lead?

Exactly how many new supervisors encounter difficulty is unclear, but by all accounts it’s a lot. Estimates of the number of new supervisors who fail in their first year range from 40 to 80 percent. Failure rates likely vary a bit by industry and country. But regardless of the specific number, this clearly represents a major problem. Victims include both the new supervisors — who have made an important change in their careers by becoming a supervisor, hoping that it would be a step up — for the employees they supervise, and for the companies where they all work.

In our latest white paper, So You’re a New Leader…Are You Ready to Lead?, you’ll find key insights to help. Find out why so many new managers struggle and why this is a problem that cannot go without being addressed. Learn why new supervisors fail and what skills a new supervisor needs to master common challenges and ultimately understand the key steps a new supervisor can take to achieve success.

Find this white paper as well as other insights on Emerging Leadership in our IOCI Learning Center.

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