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Six tips to prepare to lead an AI-augmented workforce

“There is a growing strategic imperative for senior leaders to begin assessing how work will change, what capabilities will be needed and how organizations must prepare to lead an AI-augmented workforce. AI advances are accelerating, and those who prepare are likely to remain relevant and perhaps even enjoy a competitive advantage over those who don’t,” says Marialane Schultz, founder and CEO of Innovative Outcomes Consulting Inc.

Six Tips to Prepare to Lead an AI-Augmented Workforce

Schultz urges leaders to focus on these six tips to start:

  1. Develop stronger strategic abilities to learn how to blend humans, people augmented by intelligent automation and autonomous systems.
  2. Adapt to a flexible team-oriented approach to drive business outcomes though networks of teams versus traditional reliance on hierarchal approaches.
  3. Enhance your negotiation, resilience and systems-thinking skills.
  4. Polish your creative skills to adapt to leading in the era of AI and to be more competitive by applying judgement and creativity derived from AI insights.
  5. Encourage your employees’ data analytics skills so they can effectively and successfully use AI.
  6. Rely more than ever on your emotional intelligence skills and ability to show empathy, which must be strongly expressed when leading across networked teams.

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For a deeper look at AI’s coming impact and more concrete ways for leaders to prepare, check out IOCI’s latest white paper, “Leading in the Era of AI: What Organizational Leaders Must Know to Thrive.”

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Marialane Schultz

Marialane Schultz is the founder of IOCI. She helps individuals and organizations perform at their best, do meaningful work and be impactful through customized coaching and consulting engagements.

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